10 ideas for eye catching table centrepieces

Deciding what to use for your wedding table centrepieces can be overwhelming. Flowers are the obvious choice, but formal displays aren’t always suited to an informal wedding theme. Another thing you need to consider is the overall size and height of your centrepieces. Too high, and your guests view will be blocked, but too low – and they won’t create the eye catching look you’re wanting to achieve.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas for classic flower centrepieces or new ideas for a rustic themed wedding, here’s 10 eye catching ideas for your table centrepieces.

#1: Go for natural rustic wood

Slices, card holders and stumps – wood can look amazing, if used well. It’s particularly suited for a Tipi wedding, as it helps bring the rustic outside in. We love The Wedding of Our Dreams website, as it has lots of great budget-friendly ideas, including some great ones for how to effectively use wood slices. (Check out their wood slice ideas here!).

#2: Glass vases create eye catching table centrepieces

Another great idea from The Wedding of Our Dreams, glass vases can be standalone centrepieces or grouped together, to create a really rustic feel. We love their assorted set of six.

#3: Tealights and votives can create a relaxed centrepiece

Tealights, votives and lanterns can help create a relaxed atmosphere. They can create a stunning centrepiece, if you group them together or, if you prefer, they can be mixed with other items (such as hung from branches or placed on rustic wood slices).

#4: Churns and jugs

From mini jugs to large churns, these add a vintage or outdoor feel to your wedding, depending on the style and colour that you select. They look great when filled with flowers too! Check out the cute ‘decorate your own jug’, over on Hobbycraft!

#5: Buckets and troughs

Whether you opt for silver or painted buckets and troughs, they make great centrepieces on a wedding table. You could even put in a pre-made centrepiece – such as this silver hearts foil sprayed centrepiece over on the Party Pieces website.

#6: Bird cages

Bird cages can look very whimsical as a wedding table centrepiece. You can fill them with sweets or, for a touch of vintage romance, fill them with flowers (Baby’s Breath looks particularly stunning in them). We particularly like the round bird cages over on The Wedding Mall’s website.

#7: Candelabra or lantern

Candelabras can create a stunning, elegant atmosphere and look great at night. If you’re worried about the naked flame, opt for an equally eye catching lantern. Think about bringing in a bit of nature, by wrapping ivy around the stem or arranging fern around the bottom.

#8: Opt for herbs

A beautiful lavender planted into a wooden box can add scent and colour to your tables. How about filling the box with small potted lavenders (or other herbs), so your table centrepieces also become your guest wedding favours!

#9: Go on a scavenger hunt

Wedding table centrepieces don’t have to cost anything. If you have the time, you can easily have a scavenger hunt for suitable materials for wedding table centrepieces. Driftwood, pebbles, shells, branches, pine cones and fern leaves can all be left natural or spray painted, before arranging into some stunning centrepieces.

#10: Go practical

There’s endless choices here! Blackboards can be used to share your message of thanks to your guests, as well as used to write the table number on. A small wedding cake placed in the centre of each table can be a great practical idea, as it helps alleviate the need for it to be passed around.

Over on Hitched, they have 50 great DIY centrepiece ideas, as does Confetti.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for wedding table centrepieces, check out this amazing board over on Pinterest!  And, if you’re after quirky, check out these ideas by The Good Stuff by Coupons.com.

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