10 top tips for including your dog at your Tipi wedding

Regardless of whether they’re getting married in a Tipi or elsewhere, for many couples getting married, the idea of leaving their dog home alone, isn’t an idea they relish. After all, their four-legged friend has been their loyal companion and they want to include him in their big day. Sadly, that isn’t always possible.

However, with a Tipi wedding it can be!

If you’re looking to include your dog in your Tipi wedding, here’s our top ten tips of things to remember.

#1: Can you have a dog at your Tipi wedding venue?

As the supplier of your Tipi, we love the idea of your dog being part of your Tipi wedding! However, it isn’t just us that you need to ask. If you’re planning on having a Tipi at a venue other than your own private land, you need to check that the landowner is ok with your dog being part of your big day.

#2: Get a pet sitter

You’re going to be centre stage on your big day, with lots to do and people to meet and greet. If your dog is going to be there, get a pet sitter to look after them. Not only does this help ease your worry, it ensures your dog is enjoying the day too!

#3: Think of your dog’s temperament

Before making the decision to have your dog at your wedding, check that it’s something that isn’t going to stress your dog out. You may need to provide a quiet space for them to retreat to, either to calm them down or hide when the going gets too tough for them. Another option would be to minimise the time they’re at the event, rather than being there the whole time.

#4: Think about your guests – prewarn them

It’s important that you let your guests know a dog is going to be at your wedding. Not all guests may like dogs, whilst some may be allergic. Maybe your dog is a bit of a party animal and would love the day – but too much attention sends them hyper and overtly enthusiastic – something your guests may not appreciate.

#5: What part (if any) will your dog play at your event?

Decide if you want your dog to play a part or just be present on your big day. If you’re looking to have your dog play a part in the wedding itself (such as walking towards you with the wedding rings tied to his collar, for example), please remember to practice beforehand!

#6: What attire will your dog need for the day?

If you’re hoping to have your dog look the part, regardless of whether they’re playing a part in the proceedings, please make sure they’re comfortable. Stick to something simple and comfortable – such as a bow tie – as opposed to something that looks great but is hot or heavy.

#7: Are you picking safe, dog-friendly flowers and foliage?

Whilst picking your wedding floral displays, remember to consider your dog. Not all plants and flowers are dog-friendly, and some are incredibly toxic to them – so be sure to check, before committing to your final choices.

#8: Give the photographer notice

Having a dog at your tipi wedding can create some great candid and impromptu photo opportunities. Make sure you let your photographer know in advance, so he can be on the lookout for the cuteness that may ensue (and to also check he isn’t scared or allergic to dogs!).

#9: What is your dog feeding policy?

Put a dog and people together and you can guarantee, the dog will get fed. Whether it’s treats, leftovers or even left-lying-arounds, your dog is going to get spoilt, if you don’t let everyone know your dog feeding policy! You could make it a joke, by leaving little warning cards on the table, or even having little favour bags of dog treats for them to use – as not everyone will know what a dog can and can’t eat (especially where chocolate is involved). The last thing you want is a sick or hyperactive dog on your hands.

#10: Always pick up after your dog

Finally, it goes without saying really – always pick up after your dog. If you’ve opted for a pet sitter, ensure they know this is part of their role. Not only is this a matter of health and safety for your guests, it’s also a general kindness to their noses and potentially, their shoes too!

If you’re looking to include a dog at your tipi wedding, it can work well, if you cover all your options. By following the ten tips above, you’ll ensure you’ve covered your bases and ensured you, your guests and your dog, all have a great day.

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