5 reasons why a Tipi makes a great corporate event venue

Corporate events are commonplace in the business world. Whether you’re looking to hold an event for your clients, a thank you for your employees, or a team building experience with a difference, they all need the right type of venue to make the event a success.

This is where (in our humble opinion), a tipi comes into its own. Here’s our top five reasons why we think a tipi would make a perfect venue for your next corporate event.

Tip #1: Tipis create a lasting impression

Firstly, there’s the wow factor. If you’re looking for a more intimate, relaxed setting, you can opt for our smaller Kungsornen tipis. Want something more impressive? Opt for our larger ‘Giant Hat’ tipis. They work equally well in the cooler months, as you can have the sides down and add a fire pit to keep them warm. In the summer, open them up and let your guests admire the stunning countryside views. Either way, you’re creating a unique and lasting impression of an unusual corporate event venue.

Tip #2: Gets you out of the office environment

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding an event for your clients or colleagues, people tend to be more relaxed when they’re away from the office environment. For corporate guest events, being more relaxed allows for more socialising and networking. For employee events, especially team building experiences, it allows people to open up, let more of their personality and natural skills shine through, whilst also helping dispense with the traditional office hierarchy and politics.

Tip #3: No distractions

A tipi in a field, with nothing but countryside around you, allows for everyone to focus on the actual event itself. Whether you want it to be more social and intimate, or relaxing and charitable, having no distractions enables you to help build the atmosphere and mood you’re looking to create.

Tip #4: Tipis allow for a versatile space

If you’re looking to hold a large corporate event, our tipis can be combined to create a huge space for up to 180 seated guests (450 standing). Want a smaller venue? No problem – just opt for a smaller combination. Looking for different zones or break-out space? You’ll want to opt for individual smaller tipis, around a larger, central hub. Tipis can be set up to accommodate whatever type of space you’re looking to create.

Tip #5: Space for entertainment

A corporate event isn’t just based on people sitting or standing around. There are other things you need to factor in, and these all need space too. This can include a live band or two, DJs or entertainers, and a central stage for dancing, award ceremonies or a catwalk (for example).

With a tipi you also gain the outside space too. This can be a perfect spot for separate mini stalls, such as face painting, fairground stands, and even competitive sports between staff and employees. When it comes to employee team building events, you can also use this space to create more challenging events that are designed to build trust and collaboration between employees – such as mini obstacle courses and even fire walking!

A tipi makes a great venue for your corporate events, regardless of their size. If you’re in charge of organising your next corporate event and want to see how we can help, why not give us a call to discuss your needs? You can contact us on 01273 273314 or 07887 725699. Alternatively, you can fill out your details on our contact page, and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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