A Tipi isn’t just for weddings!

Tipi’s make great wedding venues. Not only do they open up your location choices, they’re also perfect for those who want the best of being outdoors – but also want protection against the elements, if they decide to not play ball on your wedding day.

However, a tipi isn’t just great for weddings. In fact, our tipi’s get used for all sorts of events. So, if you’re looking for event location ideas for any of the following events, or just looking for that perfect excuse to hire a tipi – here’s seven event ideas to spark your tipi-inspired imagination!

#1: Corporate events

This can cover so many different ideas. Whether you’re looking to hold a corporate event for your clients, or a team building/bonding experience for your team, a tipi is a great location idea. Not only does it make for an impressive and unusual location, it also allows for better interaction and bonding – as it’s taking people away from the restraints of a corporate building (and its associated rules and regulations).

#2: Tipi Parties

Again, this is another idea that is open to so many possibilities. Whether you want to hold a birthday party, an anniversary surprise, or even a celebration of someone’s life, a tipi gives you all the space you need, or whatever you have planned.

#3: Festivals

Festivals can be held for anything you like – you’re only limited by your imagination. A festival is traditionally an event that focuses on celebrating a specific theme. Many festivals look to celebrate community events, cultural history and seasons of the year. Festivals can even focus on specific areas of interest – such as cars, dogs, food, film, art, comedy and even storytelling or writing.

#4: Award ceremonies

Award ceremonies aren’t just for the showbiz world! Anyone can hold an award ceremony – if they have entrants to shortlist. Many different communities and industries hold their own award ceremonies, as do business owners and individuals. Ideas include book and art ceremonies, local businesses and local unsung heroes. Local businesses can hold their own award ceremonies, to celebrate rising stars and patrons etc, as well as a ceremony aimed at their particular niche market.

#5: Naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate an arrival of a new baby. It’s ideal for those who would like to acknowledge the arrival of a child, but would prefer to do so without being tied to any religion. Naming ceremonies are also a great way to celebrate adults of particular orders or religious gatherings, such as Wiccans or Buddhism.

#6: Art and craft exhibits

You’ll often see art and craft exhibitions at country fayres, but there’s no reason you can’t use a tipi to hold your own exhibit. Why not get together with other creative folks, and hold your own exhibit?

#7: Music events

We’ve all heard of the big music events, such as Glastonbury and Reading Festival, but not all music events need to be big. What does help however, is having the space for guests, as well as the change to play music, without worrying about your next-door neighbour! Music events can be for any type of music genre – from jazz to rock, a string quartet, through to a local boy band.

As you can see, with a little imagination you can turn a tipi into the perfect venue for any type of event you’d like to hold. They may be predominantly known for being the perfect wedding venues, but the reasons why they make a great choice for weddings, also makes them the perfect choice for many other types of event too!

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