Photo: Charlottle Razzell Photograpy

Following on from a social media post / rant 😉 by our good friends at Beautiful Bells (full post here: banning foil confetti at their hen camp, and from all the current talk about plastics and palm oil, we thought we’d explore a few different, more environmentally friendly options.

We love a confetti cannon and confetti photo as much as the next couple but it’s worth researching options to make sure that your perfect photo isn’t at the cost of our environment. Some venues and churches also have a ban on confetti so it’s worth checking before you do a bulk order! Here are a few options that are great for the environment as well as creating “that confetti photo”:

#1 – Dried Petals

Freeze dried petal confetti is biodegradable and won’t stain. The petals are often hand-picked and freeze dried to retain their natural shape and colour. For suppliers, have a look at Petals and Rose ( and Dried Flowers Market (https://driedflowersmarket). Etsy and eBay also have a great range of options.

#2 – Water soluble confetti

Water soluble confetti will vanish instantly on contact with water. Made from a starch-based film, the coloured rectangles float in exactly the same way as tissue confetti, but you can rest assured that nothing will remain after the first rain; or hose if you are particularly impatient! Have a look at Confetti Magic (!-6).

#3 – Bubbles

A fun, alternative confetti option is bubbles. And the kids will love them!

#4 – Make your own leaf confetti

This is most eco-friendly option as the only process involved is using a stamp cutter / hand punch. Just remember to go leaf collecting in the autumn! Once you’ve collected a range of different leaves you just need to use your small hand punch and punch out the shapes. There is a great blog post on this over at Wildflower Favours (

#5 – Eco-friendly cones

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the cones that your confetti will be held in. Try these, from Wildflower Favours, made from tree-free lokta paper (

For more ways to keep your Tipi wedding eco-friendly, have a read of an earlier blog post of ours “How to make your wedding eco-friendly”.

Want any more info / assistance? We’re always happy to help (and have a fair amount of Tipi wedding knowledge!) so please do get in touch 😊.