Embracing the outdoor wedding theme

Part of the attraction of a tipi wedding is how it enables you to have a stunning outdoor wedding, without the worry about what the weather is doing. For others, it’s all about being a part of the natural surroundings, they love being outside and so it’s only natural that they’ll want an outdoor wedding.

But for many, knowing how to create a stunning outdoor wedding is another thing altogether. They love the idea of it, but aren’t sure how to make the most of it.

Here’s our top tips for embracing the outdoor wedding theme and using it to create a stunning wedding.

Go wild with your theme

The beauty of an outdoor wedding is you can opt for a theme that suits the environment. Apart from specific themed weddings, such as Alice in Wonderland or Great Gatsby popular outdoor themes include garden party, magic garden, rural country, whimsical garden, rustic and of course, the ever-popular romantic garden hideaway.

Don’t compete with the scenery

Let the view captivate your guests. If you’re getting married outside, keep the ceremony, furniture and decorations simple. Natural wood chairs or benches, a rose arch or an arbour and using the scenery as your backdrop, will help you include the natural beauty around you. It’s also important to remember the position of the sun as well. You don’t want your guests squinting into the sun whilst they try to watch you taking your vows!

Use in season flowers

Keeping your floral arrangements in season is a great way to embrace an outdoor wedding theme. Not only does it mirror what’s going on in nature, it can also help you keep costs down. An outdoor wedding naturally inclines itself towards flower petal confetti, as well as wildflower bouquets.

Bring the outside in

Blending the outside and inside areas together is a neat way of creating a balance with the natural beauty around you. Look to have flowers, foliage and wood inside for your table centrepieces and general decoration.

Think about your overall decor

You don’t want lighting that is too bright or false, so string lights, jam jar chandeliers and lanterns all help create a romantic outdoor wedding.  Homemade paper or traditional bunting is another traditional element of outdoor events. If you want to go for the rustic look, include chalkboard or handmade wooden signs outside, use wooden ladders for display stands and opt for wooden barrels of wheelbarrows etc, for your outside displays and storage.

Provide shade and refreshments

With a Tipi wedding your guests will have access to a shady place to shield themselves from the sun, but it’s also important that you ensure they’re hydrated too. This is why setting up cool non-alcoholic drink stations are a good idea. Another option is to have a basket of sun parasols available, as well as hand-held fans. Another important factor you need to consider, when thinking of your guests comfort, is citronella candles – put them everywhere to keep bugs at bay!

Keep the food outdoor friendly

If you’re eating outside, keep the food outside friendly. This isn’t just about ensuring you avoid dishes that need to stay cool such as ice cream or mayonnaise (unless you have access to a chiller or freezer), it’s about making your food fit into the theme and keeping it fresh for your guests. Think about what people like to eat when they’re outside and you’ll immediately think about lighter, more informal meals, picnics, BBQ style or buffet layouts. Of course, if you’ve set your heart on a three-course traditional Sunday roast, it’s still an option – as long as you have the space for a more formal table set-up.

Creating a stunning outdoor wedding is still a matter of personal choice but, if you embrace the outdoor theme, you can use it to your advantage. By following the above tips you’ll ensure you and your guests enjoy your big day – and the beautiful scenery around you.

If you’d like one of our gorgeous Tipis to play a part in your overall outdoor wedding theme, check out our affordable package options.  Depending on which package you choose, they also include toilet units and on-the-day coordination!

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