Get me to the church on time! How to choose your wedding transport

Picking the wedding transport gives you a great opportunity to add an additional touch of ‘you’ to your big day. Whether you had a dream to ride in a vintage classic or love your job so much that you want to incorporate it, your chosen vehicle makes a statement and provides a talking point.

However, with a wide variety of wedding transport available to you, you’re only limited by your imagination and sometimes, your humour!

Here’s a rundown on your options, along with a few tips to help you decide.

Vintage Cars

Vintage wedding cars are always popular. Not only do they tend to come in complementary colours, they also cover a variety of seating requirements – from two seaters, up to seven seats. There’s also a wide variety of cars to choose from, you can take your pick from the likes of:

  • Daimler v8s

  • MG Midget

  • Rolls Royce

  • Limousines

  • Convertibles

  • Morris Minor

  • VW Camper van

  • VW Beetle

  • Chevy

  • Cadillac

  • Caravelle

  • Austin Healey

Modern luxury

For some brides, they want their wedding vehicle to ooze luxury. Again, there is a wide choice available to you, covering the most luxurious right through to the modern favourites, including:

  • Rolls Royce Ghost

  • Bentley Arnage

  • Jaguar XJL, XJ6 or XF

  • Mercedes S class

  • Chrysler 300

  • Maserati

  • Range Rover Vogue

  • Aston Martin DB9

The ever-romantic horse and carriage

For the perfect fairy tale wedding, why not opt for a horse-drawn carriage? Not only does it attract a lot of attention, it’s one of THE most romantic ways to travel to the church!

If you fancy something a little different for your wedding transport…

Whether you’re looking for something that will stand out, you’re only limited by preference, availability and price. You may want to pay homage to your career, your favourite tv programme or even where you met, choices include:

  • London taxi

  • New York cab

  • Red London bus

  • Fire engine

  • Vintage ambulance

  • Tractor

  • Helicopter

  • Golfing buggy

  • A replica A-team van

  • A certain unmistakable yellow three-wheeler from Only Fools & Horses!

Top tips when picking your wedding vehicle

Picking your wedding transport can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. Here’s a few tips to help make it easier for you.

#1: Check whether you can actually get in and out of the vehicle easily.

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a specific vehicle, only to realise you’ll never get in through the door gap with your chosen wedding dress or have room for its overall spread! Some old vintage cars have larger, easier access than modern vehicles – and vice-versa, so do visit and check for yourself.

#2: Decide how many people you need to transport.

You may want to just have a car, to pick up the bride and transport the newly married couple after the ceremony. Alternatively, you may need to accommodate the main wedding party – in which case, you’ll either need a large seater or several separate vehicles.

#3: What suits your personal style and overall wedding theme?

It all really boils down to your personal preferences. It’s your wedding and you’ll want a vehicle that suits your tastes and reflects who you are. The car is an overall part of your wedding theme too, so it also needs to fit in with that too.

Selecting your wedding transport isn’t an easy choice, but if you allow yourself plenty of time to look around, it’s a decision you won’t have to rush. By using the tips above, you’ll ensure you choose a vehicle that is right for your individual tastes and needs.

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