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How Much Booze Do We Need For Our Tipi Wedding?

The dreaded drinks consumption question! One of the huge appeals of having a Tipi wedding is that you can do things exactly how you want them This includes the bar. If you’ve decided to buy all the booze yourselves and have a free bar for your guests (which your guests won’t expect but will be very grateful for!), that all sounds great until you get to the point where you’re trying to figure out what and how much to buy!

For starters, if you are going down this route, getting the booze in yourselves and having a free bar, there’s no need to go overboard on the types of drink to get. People won’t expect to be able to order every drink under the sun, so in our opinion, it’s best to keep things (relatively) simple. Having both had Tipi weddings ourselves (and supplying the booze), we would suggest the following:

Welcome Drinks

  • Pimms – is the ultimate summer drink and you could always add in a bit more lemonade to ensure your guests don’t peak too early!

  • Prosecco – it’s so much cheaper than champagne and in our opinion, nicer so a win-win! You could even add a raspberry into each glass or have a “pimp my prosecco” station with some fresh berries and berry or blackcurrant cordials

  • Elderflower cordial with fizzy water – don’t forget to supply something for the non-drinkers, drivers, children or any pregnant friends or family.

  • Mulled wine / cider – if you’re having a winter Tipi wedding then a great alternative to Pimms as a welcome drink is mulled wine or spiced cider. It will keep everyone super toasty! You can also get a warm winter Pimms if you don’t want to ditch the Pimms completely!

Drinks with Food

  • Red and White Wine  – the volume of white wine to red wine will depend on your guests as well as on the time of year. If you’re having a summer Tipi wedding, white wine is likely to be more popular and if a winter Tipi wedding, the other way around. Do bear in mind you’ll always have those guests who only drink one type of wine, regardless of the time of year so have a think about your guests and of those who you know always only drink what

  • Rose – if you’re supplying the wine why not offer your guests rose as well as white? A light rose is lovely in the summer and is likely to be almost as popular as the white.

  • Soft drinks – some elderflower cordial, orange juice, fizzy drinks (lemonade, diet coke) as well as some still and/or sparkling water. You could either buy bottles for the tables or get jugs and ask your caterers to keep filling these up. Topped with ice and some long slices of cucumber, this will keep your guests refreshed and rehydrated.

  • Beer/Ale – this will again depend on your guests – if you’ve got anyone who doesn’t drink wine but you know would love a beer or an ale, it’s worth them knowing that they can have one of these if they want. It’s likely you’d get these in for the evening bar anyway.

Post-Dinner Drinks and Evening Bar

  • Beer

  • Ale or cider – this comes down to your guests. If you’ve got lots / some who will only drink ale or cider, consider getting a small / mini keg  for the. Equally, if you think the majority of men (and/or women!) will be drinking this, then best to get a bigger keg and possibly more than one!

  • Vodka

  • Gin

  • Jack Daniels

  • Dark Rum

  • Tequila / Jägermeister / Sambuca – we’re not suggesting you buy all three of these (nor would we frown upon it!) but a few of your guests are likely to want a shot (or two!) so it’s definitely worth  getting a one or two bottles in for any lively guests!

Sale and Return – Some suppliers, Majestic Wines for example offer a “sale and return” service. This means you can return any drink you haven’t consumed, as long as the labels are intact.

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