How to create your wedding floor plan

Organising a wedding isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to the wedding floor plan. Not only do you need to consider how you’re going to fit everyone in, there’s the general etiquette to consider too. That’s before you realise there’s also a need to remember who does and doesn’t get on with each other – making it a potential minefield for you!

However, creating your wedding floor plan can be made easier, if you follow this simple advice.

#1: Write it down

It’s going to take several attempts, to get your floor plan organised, so do yourself a favour, and grab lots of paper and pens! Begin by drawing out how many tables you have, along with their rough layout, so you can start to organise your invited guests.

If it helps, use coloured post-it pads to identify each family and friend, so you can see at a glance what does and doesn’t work. Alternatively, start out writing on your layout in pencil – reverting to coloured pens once you have a plan that works.

#2: Start with the top table

It’s traditional to have a top table, so start here. Working outwards from the bride and groom, the couple’s parents usually sit each side of them, followed by the chief bridesmaid and the best man. However, with many couples now having divorced parents, it’s up to you whether you intermingle the couples, sit couples next to each other, or just reserve the top table for the bride and groom!

#3: Mix friends and family on your wedding floor plan

It’s a good idea to mix friends and family together. Frequently, the bridesmaids and ushers will be friends or family anyway, often preferring to sit with their partners or guests, so you could have a table set aside for the wedding party itself or spread them out around the remaining tables. You can then use the following advice, to help create a good mix of people on each.

#4: Think of the different generations

Youngsters are often quite happy sitting by the band or DJ, as they don’t mind the noise. Older people however, would be better situation near the dance floor, so they feel included, can easily get up and dance if they want to, or can watch the more energetic people around them! This helps mix the different generations together.

#5: Categorise by group

Next, look at your guest list and start to categorise them together. Are there people who work together? Do family members know any of your friends? Do you know of people you’d like to know each other – as well as those who don’t like each other? How about those who are naturally loud or the life of the party, as well as those who are more introverted? By identifying the different types of people, you can ensure a good mix around the tables.

#6: Consider a dedicated kids table

If you have children at your wedding, consider giving them their own space. Not only does it help them feel included, it also gives them a chance to mingle with other children at your wedding. You could then decorate the table differently or add in a few games, colouring pencils or toys for them to play with.

#7: Don’t alienate the single people!

If you’re a single person going to a wedding, there’s nothing worse than being sat on a table with all the other singles. Not only does it feel like you’re trying to matchmake, it can be embarrassing for a single person – so please don’t alienate the single guests! You can easily mix a few single people on each table – that way, they have another single person to talk to, but also aren’t a lone person on a table of couples either.

Once you’ve decided on your wedding floor layout, you can draw up a large copy for your wedding day, along with the names place cards, so your guests know where to sit at your wedding reception. Alternatively, this gives you a final design to pass over to your wedding planner or event organiser, so they can organise it for you.

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