How To Survive The Clean Up After Your Tipi Wedding

The great thing about a Tipi wedding is the creative freedom it offers you. A blank canvas, upon which you can pretty much do anything with, within reason! This DIY outdoor wedding approach has great appeal in today’s world, but unfortunately with it, comes the clear-up the following day (trust us – we’ve seen it all)! Whilst there is no doubt you will still be on a post-wedding high, with maybe the slightest of hangovers, there are many things we’re sure you’d rather be doing on your first day of married life.

At Tentario, we’ve created a handy little checklist that will help you survive the aftermath! Admittedly, whilst it’s not the most interesting of topics, its usefulness should not be under-estimated.

1) Employ a team to do it for you

Ask your nearest and dearest if they would lend a hand the day after your wedding. Close family and friends are the kind of people that won’t be able to say no and would want to lighten your load as much as possible. You could organise a relaxing brunch in the Tipis the morning after as another way of saying thank you. This makes the most of the Tipis and is also a great way of getting these people on site again to help you with the clear-up later on. Many hands make light work and all that!

2) Dustbins for bottles and cans

They may not be the prettiest things to have at a wedding, but a few dustbins sure come in handy when it comes to tidying up. Regardless of the size of your wedding and how much they all like to drink, it’s a fact that you will be welcomed the following day by a sea of half-empty bottles, cans and glasses. By simply allocating a dustbin for cans, green glass, clear glass etc, this saves someone sifting through an endless pile at the bottle bank! If you wanted to, you could tell your guests to use them throughout the day. If not, they can easily be hidden out the back of the Tipis or in a corner of the catering tent ready for the next day.

3) Cigarette Butt Buckets

Don’t forget about any smokers you may have at your wedding. Cigarette butt buckets are so simple, but often over-looked. You can create some really fun, unique, personal buckets in keeping with your wedding theme and it saves someone having to pick up cigarette butts dotted all over your site the following day – not a particularly nice job!

4) Allocation of Glasses

As we’re a nation that expects a new glass for every new drink we order, this may come as a little surprise at first to your guests. You may think you have enough champagne flutes for everyone (and a few extras just in case), but remember you may be using these twice – one for post-ceremony drinks/welcome drinks and again for toasts at the table. If guests are drinking the same drink, asking them to hold on to their glass is not unreasonable. After all, I’m sure they’d rather this than have to pay for their drinks!

5) Decorations

A Tipi wedding is fantastic for getting creative with DIY decorations. Whether it’s pom poms, bunting, ribbons, paper lanterns or signs, make sure you keep a note somewhere, or allocate someone else to keep track of what is what and where it came from. Some items you may have hired for the day – these will need to be packed ready for collection or returned in the box they came in. Some you may simply want to get rid of. Either way, make sure you keep all of the boxes that your decorations came in and label them if possible. This way anyone can do this for you and in double quick time.

6) Wedding Gifts and Cards

Make sure you allocate someone responsible (and someone who is not going to be too drunk) to collect your wedding gifts and cards at the end of the day and put them somewhere safe for you. Chances are that you will either forget or have other things on your mind, but these are precious gifts that you will want to cherish forever!

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