Photo: Bobby Mills Photography 

Don’t be put off by a winter Tipi wedding, our Tipis are designed by Tentipi in Sweden so winter is their middle name! We’ve put together a list of our tips of how you can ensure that you and your guests stay warm during your winter Tipi wedding.

#1 – Heaters

This is our number one top tip! Heaters are a MUST for a winter Tipi wedding. So please do remember to factor these into your wedding budget. Your guest numbers and how many Tipis you have, will determine how many heaters you need. We recommend indirect heaters (aka marquee heaters). These can be supplied by our associated company, Outdoor Event Equipment Hire (“OEEH”) ( OEEH’s heaters come with dual ducts so there are two heat entry points with each heater. The main unit sits outside the Tipis, with the diffusers (where the heat enters the Tipis) just under the skirt of the canvas. Your guests will barely even know that the heaters are there.

#2 – Fireplaces

Our cubed, wooden, rustic fireplaces are (in our biased opinion!), another must for a winter Tipi wedding. They sit in the centre of our Tipis (so that the smoke can exit out of the top) so create an awesome focal point. They kick out a fair amount of heat so will also add to the heat of the heaters. And for any of your guests that really feel the cold, they can huddle around the fire at the end of the night. Toasting marshmallows, of course!

#3 – Having the sides of the Tipis closed

Might be stating the obvious! One of the benefits of a winter wedding is battening down the hatches, keeping you and all your guests inside and the cold air out. By adding our Kungsornen Tipi, this can be used an entrance tent, complete with coat rack and where your guests can collect their welcome drink.

#4 – Blankets

Having a few baskets of blankets mean that people can wrap these around their shoulders. Get snuggly!

#5 – Mulled wine, spiced cider or winter Pimms

To warm your guests up on arrival, mulled wine, spiced cider or even winter Pimms are great options for welcome drinks. For a non-alcoholic option (or for those with a sweet tooth!), how about hot chocolate (and adding amaretto if you wanted to give it a kick!)? You could also add a flask on each of your tables so that guests can help themselves when sitting down to eat. For winter cocktails post-dinner, think Old Fashioned, Baileys Eggnog and Brandy Alexander.

#6 – Warming food

Don’t forget to think about your food options as well. Warm canapes, soup for starters and a hearty main will be appreciated on a chilly winters’ day. And you could always follow it up with a cheeky port!

#7 – Faux fur

A great addition to keep your bridesmaids warm are faux fur scarves / collars. They’ll look great in the photos too!

Still not sold on a winter Tipi wedding? Have a read of one of our earlier blog posts; “Summer Tipi Wedding vs Winter Tipi Wedding” which might help you decide.

Want any more info / assistance? We’re always happy to help (and have a fair amount of Tipi wedding knowledge!) so please do get in touch 😊.