Outdoor games for those mid-wedding-lulls

No matter how great your wedding is going, there will inevitably be moments where there are natural lulls. This could be whilst the formal photographs are being taken, or between the end of the day activities and the start of the evening reception.

Here’s our top selection of outdoor games, to keep your guests amused during those natural lulls.

Giant classics

There’s nothing like those classic games from your childhood, to bring back fond memories. They’re fun, easy to play and don’t need batteries – making them great outdoor games for those mid-wedding lulls. Simply unpack and leave out to tempt any passing wedding guest.

Giant Jenga – The giant tumble tower game consisting of wooden blocks, can be played by multiple players. Simply build the tower and take turns pulling out a wooden block – making sure you’re not the one who makes the tower tumble! (Hire or purchase).

Giant Connect 4 – The aim of the game is to get four in a row. Great for pairs of wedding guests who are looking for a quiet time-out. (Hire or purchase).

Giant Kerplunk – A game for multiple players. Take it in turns to remove a straw, without letting the balls drop. The winner is the person who has the least amount of balls after all the straws have been removed. (Hire or purchase).

Giant Lawn Darts – Six darts, two target rings and suitable for two or more players. Take it in turns to throw darts into the target. (Hire or purchase).

Giant Noughts and Crosses – Another classic for two players, this is great for a time-out. Alternatively, set up several grids and have a quick tournament! (Hire or purchase).

Minimal equipment needed

If you’re looking for the ultimate in simplicity, check out the following games. Again, all of these can be purchased, with some also available for hire – plus they don’t have lots of small pieces to keep an eye on!

Swing ball – Suitable for solo or double play, the aim is to get the ball either to the top or bottom, depending which side your hitting it from. (Purchase only)

Hula hoops – Everyone loves a hula hoop! They’re great fun, you can buy them in bundles of four, and you can have hula hoop tournaments! (Purchase only)

Ring toss – Also known as Quoits, this game is for multiple players and consists of throwing rings over pegs, to gain points. (Hire or purchase).

Sack race – What could be simpler? Just grab a few sacks, have a finish line and watch the fun ensue! (Hire or purchase).

Uber limbo – Great fun for all ages – let’s see how low you can really go! (Hire or purchase).

Fairground classics

Bring the fun of the fair to you wedding. Most of these classic fairground games test your skills, with a final purely fun one thrown in, for good measure.

Hook-a-duck – A fairground classic that’s suitable for children and adults alike. (Hire or purchase).

Tin can alley – Throw a bean bag and knock down those cans. Suitable for all ages. (Purchase only)

Coconut shy – Test your throwing skills and see if you can knock a coconut of its stand. (Hire or purchase).

Beat the buzzer – See if you can work your way along the wobbly wire, without setting off the buzzer! (Hire only)

DIY photo booth – Create your own photo booth, by hiring themed beep boards, or providing posing props and inflatable selfie frames. Throw in a load of disposable cameras, and let the fun begin! (Purchase only).

Games for hire are available from the ‘To Have & To Hire Events’ website. Those that are purchase only can be purchased from most online stores, including Amazon – simply search by game name.

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