Social media or no social media for your Tipi wedding?

Social media has enabled us to stay in touch with loved ones, make new friends and basically, share our lives with anyone who’s interested. However, not everyone thinks this is a good thing – especially when it comes to sharing special occasions and events such as our wedding day. 

Which social media camp are you in?

There are definitely two distinctly opposing sides to the social media argument. For some, sharing details of your wedding day only detracts from the intimacy of the event. For others, it’s something fun and trendy. There’s even been instances of wedding day couples live-tweeting nuptials!

The case for a social media-free wedding

A wedding can be stressful for everyone involved – right from the planning stage to the last dance on the big day. Whether you’re having heated words with someone or are letting your hair down, the last thing you want to be worried about is whether it’s been captured and shared online. Words and images that have been shared online can’t easily be undone or taken back, so it’s far better to not share them in the first place.

It’s also easy to offend those people who didn’t get invited, if you’re sharing lots of fun-filled wedding day images on your social media accounts. Also, other people need to be considered from a different angle – your wedding day is going to be the biggest, most important day in your calendar, however not everyone else may care of agree, And, if they feel this way, they definitely won’t appreciate having their newsfeed inundated with wedding day images.

Social media sharing enhances your big day

However, there is the opposite side of the argument – social media not only enhances your wedding day, it prolongs it too.

Posting photographs of your wedding day on social media is simply the modern version of placing disposable cameras on the wedding tables. It gives an opportunity for unique photographs to be taken. A wedding photographer can’t be everywhere and there will undoubtedly be some great photographic opportunities that would otherwise be missed – if it wasn’t for the observant wedding day guest and their mobile phone camera. Scrolling through and finding these impromptu delights can also extend your overall enjoyment of your big day too!

Take control of your social media preferences

Regardless of what social media camp you’re in, you need to let your guests know your preferences in advance. If you’re wanting your wedding kept private, let them know on the invite and place little reminder cards on each table.

If you’re happy for them to share your day with the social media world at large, provide props and even pick your own hashtag. Not only does this make it more fun, it also makes it easier to see all the photos afterwards (and help you monitor/police them!).

Of course, there is always a happy middle ground. Give your guests guidelines to follow, but not let the policing of it all take over your day. You could then choose to share a selection of carefully chosen photographs on your social media account, so you’re not overwhelming those who aren’t interested.

Your wedding day is an incredibly special day for you. Social media may be an intrusion for you during this intimate event, but it also has its upsides, as it enables you to share your joy with loved ones who couldn’t make it. The key is to make a decision based on your preferences and share that decision with everyone – before getting on with enjoying your big day!

What are your thoughts around social media and weddings? Do you think you’ll embrace it for your wedding day or do you see it as a major wedding day intrusion?

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