Summer Tipi Wedding vs Winter Tipi Wedding

First things first, a Tipi wedding is truly awesome whatever time of year you decide to have it! Planning an outdoor wedding is an exciting, unique prospect, but you will need to plan slightly differently and consider alternative options depending on your choice of season. Don’t immediately dismiss the idea of a winter Tipi wedding. After all, our Tipis are designed and made in Sweden and therefore built to withstand the harshest of winters (not our lame British ones)! Like everything in life, there are pros and cons and a Tipi wedding is no different. At Tentario, we’ve compiled this brutally honest summer Tipi wedding versus winter Tipi wedding comparison to highlight the main factors (both positive and negative) to consider when choosing what time of year to hold your Tipi wedding.

Summer Pros

1. You have a better chance of enjoying some nice British weather. Although never a guarantee, you can hope to take advantage of some nice long, summer evenings and have as many of the sides of the Tipis open.

2. You have an extensive choice of venues to choose from. Some places will not allow you to hire their venue in the winter, but outdoor wedding venues will obviously want to make the most of the warmer summer months. If you need any help in finding a venue to hold your Tipi wedding, do get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction and we can suggest some options based on your budget/requirements.

3. You can expect to be able to make full use of the outside space surrounding the Tipis. Whether you want to set up some outdoor games for your guests, position an outdoor bar, or have some other wedding suppliers you may have hired outside, the summer months will give you the best chance of doing this.

4. With guests milling in and out of the Tipis, you can make the most of any surrounding features. Lighting up trees, decorating fences with bunting or even setting up some festoon lights will all add some style to your summer Tipi wedding.

Summer Cons

1. Venues are at their most expensive. Like anything else, it comes down to supply and demand. The summer months are the most popular months to get married so expect to pay a premium for your venue. You may well need to book early to avoid disappointment too.

2. Like venues, other wedding suppliers will also charge their highest rates at this time of year.

3. There is a chance you may even be too hot! Not the worst problem to have and you’ve probably been worrying a little about the wet stuff, but you never know – you may even get a scorcher!

Winter Pros

1. A winter Tipi wedding gives you a great opportunity to be different from the norm. How many of your guests will have been to a summer hotel wedding? A lot of them – I guarantee it. But how many will have been to a winter Tipi wedding………..? Exactly! You could even have a unique winter wonderland theme, pour out the mulled ciders and get really creative. We can recommend some great styling companies too that can help you achieve something really unique.

2. Our Tipis are cheaper in the winter months. We’re generally quieter between the months of November and April and as a result we will be willing to heavily discount bookings in these months.

3. Winter Tipi weddings are cosy, intimate and truly magical.

4. As the sun goes down earlier in the day, you can make the most of the lighting inside the Tipis. In the summer months, you might not get to see this effect till 10pm! You’ll probably want to light the fires earlier too, therefore getting the most out of these.

Winter Cons

1. You do run the risk of some wet, cold weather. That being said, we do have protocols in place to cope with bad weather and can certainly recommend ways to overcome this.

2. There are fewer venues to choose from. Some venues that host Tipi weddings in the summer, will close their doors after September or October. On the plus side, there are fewer couples to compete with for the venues that do entertain the idea of a winter wedding!

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