Tentario’s Top Tipi Tips For A Tipi Wedding

In our 12 years’ experience of Tipi-ing as well as having our very own Tipi weddings, we’ve come to learn a few tips that might not be overly obvious when planning your Tipi wedding. We thought it only fair to share these with our lovely couples so we’ve compiled a list of our Top Tipi Tips to make your day even more perfect. If there’s any that you think we’ve missed out or made your Tipi wedding even more special, let us know and we can add them to our list!

1. Buckets for cigarette ends  – whilst this is far from the most glamorous suggestion, not only will it prevent the outside area of the Tipis being littered with cigarette butts during your wedding it will save you and your clearing up helpers an unpleasant job the morning after!

2. A microphone for speeches – to save those who are doing speeches from shouting to your guests or from running the risk of your guests not being able to hear the speeches, it’s definitely worth hiring in a microphone and some speakers. Alternatively, these could be provided by your band or DJ (providing they will be there before the speeches are due to start). It’s also worth noting that if there is any rain falling on the Tipis during the speeches, it can make hearing a little difficult so a microphone is a must in our eyes (as well as performing a sun dance to ensure the rain doesn’t fall in the first place 😉 ).

3. A table for your DJ – if you’re having a DJ, check with them whether they need a trestle table to set up on. It may well be something that they bring themselves but worth checking nonetheless!

4. A seat for your photographer – your photographer is likely to be rushing around all day so may well want a seat to take a break as and when they can. Unlike a traditional venue, there’s not many places that the photographer can slope off to for a 5 minute break so check with them whether they would like a seat and let us know so we can add it to your booking.

5. A table for your wedding cake – if you’re having a wedding cake, don’t forget you’ll need somewhere to put it! We can supply a cake table if you would like or you can get creative and use something a little different; for example, on top of a whisky barrel or a vintage table.

6. A table for cards – you will have quite a few cards and gifts from your lovely family and friends so remember to  either hire/buy a (large!) card post box and/or have a table where your guests can put their cards and gifts. This is another opportunity to get creative and get a card box that reflects your personalities – be it an old vintage suitcase, a wooden crate or a metal wire basket.

7. Marshmallows – having one of our fabulous fire places is something that the majority of your guests are unlikely to have seen at a wedding before so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some wooden sticks and marshmallows to toast on the fire. Young and old guests will be drawn in!

8. Blankets and chill out furniture – whether you’re having a spring, summer, autumn or winter Tipi wedding should the temperature drop off in the evening, your guests can wrap a blanket around themselves and snuggle up around the fire. How’s that for a relaxed vibe? Our relaxed lounge which consists of cubed bean bags, low wooden tables and tartan blankets is the perfect addition to create a chill out area. Kids love it too!

9. Flip flops – if your Tipi wedding is taking place in a field, chances are your guests might tire of being in their heels after a few hours (well the females ones anyway!). Or when the dancing starts they might think their moves would be performed better in flip flops so pop a crate/basket  full of flip flops next to the dance floor for any tired tootsies.

10. Campfire – if your guests are camping or glamping or if you just want to make the most of your summer evening and outside space, consider having an campfire outside of the Tipis. It will create a great focal point and again, it’s an unusual addition for a wedding so will give your guests something else to talk about for months to come.

11. Barrels/poser tables – if you’re having a summer Tipi wedding, chances are you’ll be having reception drinks outside of the Tipis and your guests will be making the most of the outside space well into the evening. Consider hiring some whisky barrels as “poser tables” for you and your guests to mingle around as well as being somewhere they can place their Pimms!

12. Torches to find camping/glamping tents – if you’re going down the full festival wedding route and you and your guests are camping over, how about giving them torches as favours so they can find their way back to their tents? LED tea lights in jam jars are also a great way of mapping out a pathway/having these dotted between tents.

13. Umbrellas – we hope these won’t be needed but just in case, we have clear umbrellas with a metal stand that can be used if you need cover getting from your car to the ceremony venue or from the car to the Tipis. Once you’re safely inside the Tipis, the rain won’t bother you but you might need a bit of shelter beforehand.

14. Heel stoppers – grass isn’t the most accommodating for stilettos so why not either buy a few pairs of heel stoppers for your female guests and put these in the ladies toilets or put a note on your “extra info” when you send your invites out letting the ladies know where they can buy some heel stoppers from to avoid any sinking heels. Or perhaps suggest they wear wedges!

15. Hangover survival kits – you could either give these out as favours, as goodie bags when guests leave or place these in their tents if they’re glamping just to give your guests a helping hand the morning after the night before. Berocca, paracetamol and a bottle of water are a good start. Extras could include an eyemask and a miniature bloody mary kit

16. Outdoor games – at various points throughout a wedding there can be a bit of a lull – usually at the point after the ceremony and before the food and then after the food but before the evening reception gets going. Outdoor games are a brilliant way to avoid this and ensure your guests have something to do to keep themselves entertained. Giant Jenga, hula-hoops, swing-ball, coconut shy, tin can alley, quoits and space hoppers are just a few ideas to avoid the dreaded wedding lull.

17. Floodlights – if you’ve got any big trees or features such as old ruins that would look great after dark lit up with a floodlight, let us know and we can supply you with floodlights to make sure they don’t go unnoticed.

18. Wellies – your guests might be wise enough to put two and two together that as you’re having an outdoor wedding and there’s a chance the ground could get wet underfoot, it might be sensible to bring along some wellies, just in case but it’s probably an even better idea to include this on the “extra info” on the invites as well – then they’ll only have themselves to blame for ignoring instructions 😉

19. Cardigans/an extra layer – depending on the time of year of your wedding, along with the wellies, it might be worth putting a sentence on the extra info section on the invites asking people to bring along an extra layer in case the temperature drops off in the evening. Ladies especially might be focusing on their dress for the day but might not consider it could get a little cooler in the evening.

20. Boxes of goodies in the toilets – items such as bug spray, sun cream, anti-histamines, paracetamol, hairspray, tights, mints, ladies sanitary items are a great thing to put in little baskets in the toilets. Your guests will appreciate those little extra touches, trust us!

Right, that’s it for now but this list is designed to be a work in progress so do let us know if there’s any more you think we should add 🙂

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