Tipi events: answers to those random questions you mean to ask, but often forget!

Organising a Tipi event can be a daunting task, one that leads to a lot of questions being asked. Questions are essential, if you want to ensure you’re making the right decision for you and will often include asking obvious questions about availability, budget and location.

However, there’s random questions that you mean to ask, but often forget – so here’s a handy list, along with their associated answers!

Can we bring pets to a Tipi event?

Yes, if they’re well behaved around other people and you clean up after them – just make sure to also check with your specific venue too. A fair few of our wedding couples have bought their dogs along, to be a part of their big day!

Can confetti be used at events?

You’ll need to check with your individual venue. As far as using it in the tipi, we’re fine with it. We would however, recommend biodegradable confetti, as it’s better for the environment!

How about ease of access for disabled guests?

You can make access to the tipis a lot easier for your less able-bodied guests, (such as the elderly and wheelchair users, for example), if you use matted walkways. These can also be used as pathways leading to the toilets and other areas, as well. We’d also suggest letting us know in advance, so we can recommend the table layout has enough space between tables for that person to move easily around. Opting for round tables would make it even easier, in terms of space, however we can work a suitable layout using long tables, if these are your preference.

It’s also worth checking with your venue about access generally. Some venues may have limitations that need to be worked around – such as small footbridges to access where the Tipi is situated.

When hiring toilet trailers, you’ll also need to check if they have steps up to them. If this is the case, you’ll need to hire an additional disabled toilet as well. We can recommend suppliers, if you need help.

What are the maximum and minimum numbers that can be accommodated in a Tipi?

Our smallest Tipi is our Kungsörnen Tipi. It’s 8.5m in diameter and can accommodate up to about 40 people standing, and 25 seated. If you have a large number of guests to accommodate, you can use our five Giant Hat Tipis with the Kungsörnen Tipi. The maximum capacity would then be up to around 280 seated and around 450 standing (if completely clear of interiors).  For an idea of the different layout options, have a look at this page on our website.

Is there anything we’re not allowed to use for interior finishing touches?

Clients aren’t allowed to use anything sharp, that could damage the structure of our tipis (for example. fishing wire) to attach any internal decorations. We also ask that nothing is in direct contact with the canvas. If you want to hang anything, such as a floral hoop, please let us know and we can help securely hang it without damage and use our long ladder to make the task easier.

If you’re looking to hang decorative items, such as hanging lanterns or pom-poms, we’d suggest you use a specialist styling company (such as http://www.hireyourday.com/ or http://www.tohaveandtohireweddings.com/). We prefer not to get involved in lantern hanging or anything too fiddly, as it can take hours to get it right!!

What options do we have for the table layouts?

We offer both round tables and long tables, as well as chairs. We have a several different layout options available. Please have a look at for some example layout options.

Are candles on the tables allowed?

Yes, of course! The only thing we ask is that you keep them more than 1ft away from the canvas, to avoid any damage.

If you have any other questions you’d like answered, please feel free to contact us! You can do so via the website contact form or using any of the other contact options listed on that page.

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