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Having one (or two!) of our fabulous fireplaces is, in our unbiased (!) opinion, a must for a Tipi wedding. Being positioned in the centre of the Tipis (which is the only place they can be positioned, as they need to be under the smoke flaps which are at the peak of the Tipis and is how the smoke exits the Tipis), they create a great focal point as well as creating bundles of atmosphere and an interesting talking point – the majority of your wedding guests are unlikely to have been to a wedding where there is a fire in the middle of the venue before!

In order to get the most out of our fireplaces, here are our top fireplace tips and tricks:

1. Have a fireplace or two!

Yes, your Tipi wedding might be talking place in mid-July so it is unlikely that you’ll light the fire as your guests arrive but unless you pick the hottest day of the year when the temperature doesn’t let up into the night (and let’s be honest, how many of these days do we actually have in the UK?!), the temperature is likely to drop off into the evening – the perfect time for the fire to be lit. Our fireplaces give off a fair amount of heat and add a HUGE amount of atmosphere to your wedding. A Tipi wedding without a fire, isn’t a Tipi wedding in our minds ūüėČ

2. Allocate someone to be in charge Рwe recommend a helpful male member of the wedding party.

Men’s natural instincts come out when it comes to fire so you’re unlikely to have difficulty finding a willing volunteer! Said helper will need to ensure the smoke flaps ¬†are opened before the fire is lit (see point 3 below), will need to keep an eye on the fire, make sure it doesn’t go out and keep it going with a steady supply of our heat logs.

3. Open the smoke flaps

Before the fire is lit, make sure the smoke flaps are opened at the top of each Tipi with a fireplace within it. We’ll show you how to do this when we hand everything over to you on the day we set up. The smoke from the fire rises and escapes through these smoke flaps so if they’re not open, you’ll soon realise!

4. Only use the logs we provide

We’ll set up the fires ready for you to light and once they’re going, make sure you only put those logs we supply you with on the fires. They’re slow burning and designed to give off maximum heat with minimum smoke so please don’t burn any of your own logs.

5. Triangle / pyramid formation

Fires work best if the logs are positioned in a triangle/pyramid formation so try to position the logs in this way to create the perfect fire! Remember girl guide/boy scout days ūüôā

6. Marshmallows

Our fires are meant to be a fun addition to your wedding¬† so get some wooden skewers and marshmallows and place these on the edge of the fireplaces ready for your guests to toast marshmallows into the night. This is something both the younger and older generations love in equal amounts so don’t miss out on this opportunity to add even more fun into your Tipi wedding!

7. S’mores

Why not take it one step further and add a s’more kit next to the fireplaces? S’mores originate from the States and the 1927 recipe for s’mores, as written in a Girl Scouts guidebook, is as follows: ¬†toast marshmallows over a fire “to a crisp gooey state” and sandwich between two graham crackers and two pieces of a chocolate bar. The marshmallow will melt the chocolate a little. Voila! We would imagine none of your guests have had these at a wedding before!

8. Blankets

It’s worth remembering that our British weather can get a tad chilly in the evenings so when your guests are huddling around the fireplace, why not give them a blanket to wrap around themselves as well. We can provide a relaxed lounge which consists of cubed bean bags, low wooden tables and tartan blankets. It creates the perfect chill out area and the blankets are great for those guests who might be more likely to feel the cold.

9. Campfire

Just because you’ve got our fireplace(s) within your wedding Tipi, don’t rule out having a campfire set up outside the Tipis as well. This will make the most of your outside space and you can dot hay bales around the campfire (just not too close!) for your guests to sit on and really enjoy the relaxed, outdoor wedding vibe.

Finally, just to finish up – often we’re asked whether our fire places are suitable for children. Brides and grooms are often concerned that with kiddies running around at their wedding they might burn themselves. Our fireplaces are very sturdy and designed and sized for use in our Tipis (or for outdoor use). The wooden frame supports a strong sheet metal firebox that sits at hip-height.¬† Sand is placed around the edge of the firebox and a fire built in its centre.¬† It is 80cm tall and means that children (and adults!) cannot run past and accidentally brush the flames.

If there’s anything you think that we’ve missed out from our list, let us know and we can add it on!

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