Tipi Furnishings Often Forgotten When Planning Your Tipi Wedding

It goes without saying that when it comes to planning your wedding, there is always more to organise than you’d originally thought. Sound familiar? If not, you’re probably reading this in the early stages of your wedding planning! Whilst an outdoor/DIY Tipi wedding offers a blank canvas and such creative freedom, it does require careful planning and organisation. No matter how many wedding checklists and spreadsheets you construct, there is bound to be something you will forget somewhere down the line, however small and seemingly irrelevant. In a bid to help in your outdoor Tipi wedding planning, we at Tentario, have compiled a list of our Tipi furnishings and extras that, in our experience, are often overlooked or added in a last minute frenzy.

1) Catering Tent

Some caterers may be self-sufficient and have their own structure that they take around with them. If not, make sure you ask them early on if they need a catering tent to work in. Our catering tent is a 6m x 6m square marquee, complete with lighting and flooring to match the inside of our Tipis. This can also be joined to the main Tipi structure with a tunnel in case of bad weather.

Be mindful that your caterer may also require some tables inside the catering tent to work on. We can also provide a mobile chiller unit through our associated company Outdoor Event equipment Hire (OEEH) if needed.

2) Stage

No one ever seems to forget the dance floor (the most important part!), but a stage for your band is often forgotten. Some bands may insist on one or mention this to you, others may not. It’s worth clarifying this with them and what kind of size stage they would require. Different sized stages will impact your Tipi interiors and furnishings in different ways, so the sooner we know this the better.

3) Cake Table

Finding your wedding cake is a really exciting part of planning your wedding. Thinking of where or what you’re going to sit it on at your reception, is not quite as exciting. We have a perfect little 3ft round table, complete with white linen that is ideal as a cake table. It can be positioned in various places within our Tipis, but we will always recommend the best place to show it off!

4) Easel and Pin Board

Our wooden rustic easel is made from the same wood as our Nordic Tipis and is perfect for displaying anything from your seating plan to your drinks menu! It comes with an A1 hessian pin board and fits in perfectly with our Tipis! A lovely little addition to your rustic Tipi wedding.

5) Highchairs

No doubt you will have a few little ones running around at your wedding, but don’t forget to cater for them in your seating plan. We can provide highchairs if needed and these work well positioned on the ends of trestle tables, especially if space is a little tight.

6) Floodlights

Our Tipis come alive when the sun goes down. The fairy lights and mirror ball create a whole new atmosphere, with the open fireplaces a wonderful focal point. The outside of the Tipis however should not be neglected. If your venue has a particular feature or impressive tree for example, this can provide a spectacular backdrop and unique photo opportunities if lit up at night. We have two outdoor floodlights for this purpose.

7) Tables for Cards/Gifts/Guest Book

Don’t forget, you will need somewhere to your guestbook, cards and gifts that you may receive on the day. Whilst it will be obvious you need to provide enough tables for your seated guests, our clients often forget about any extra tables they may need for such items.

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