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Everything you need to know about hiring our Tipis…..

How many Tipis do we need for our event?

One of our Tipis can comfortably seat 60 people or 90 standing. They can also be combined together to form one larger structure, capable of hosting events for up to 350 guests. Interiors such as tables and chairs can easily be moved to create more space.

How long do we have the Tipis for?

Our standard hire period is 48 hours. Unless your venue stipulates a shorter period, this is the minimum time you will have the Tipis. Usually (for a Friday or Saturday event), we erect the Tipis on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and dismantle the Tipis on a Sunday or Monday. We try to be as flexible as we can with your set-up and takedown days depending on your and your venue’s requirements.

Can we decorate the Tipis?

Yes! Our Tipis have so much character as they are but if you would like to add your own personal touches and decorations that is absolutely fine. All that we ask is that you do not add any fixing material that may damage the canvas/structure when putting up your decorations (e.g. staples, fishing wire). If you have any decorations you are unsure about, let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

How long do the Tipis take to set up?

Large events (3 Giant Hats and a Kungsornen Tipi upwards) typically take two days to set up. On the first day our crew will complete the main structure and on the second, they will complete the interior. Smaller jobs, or jobs that are more local to our warehouse are usually completed in one day. Takedowns typically only take one day.

What vehicles do the Tipis come in?

The Tipis will arrive in/on long wheel base vans, enabling good access to most venues.

What happens when it's raining?

Even though the British weather may be unsettled and unpredictable our Tipis are waterproof. The Tipis are designed to allow any water to run off and not into the structure at all. We also lay a waterproof membrane underneath the woven matting to prevent any moisture coming up from the ground.

What happens if it is really windy?

In the event of extremely high winds our Tipis can become more vulnerable when the sides are raised. Wind direction and exposure of the site are all taken into consideration during our site assessments. If the weather forecast is looking particularly windy, we may have to limit the amount of sides that are raised or worst case, drop the sides completely.

Can you put the Tipis up in snow?

Yes we can! They were designed in Sweden after all! The Tipis look spectacular in a snowy setting, however, we will have to clear the area of snow before beginning the build and ensure the temperature inside the Tipis is at the prescribed minimum temperature whilst snow is falling.

Does the weather affect our set up and takedown dates?

We will closely monitor the weather forecast in the build up to and during your event. In cases of extreme bad weather (and in particular, the wind), we may decide to move set up and takedown dates depending on the level of risk associated with any particular job. This will be done in order to allow us to safely provide you with the highest quality finish possible.

Can we have candles in the Tipis?

We do allow candles in the Tipis as long as they are placed on a stable surface, for example on a table, in a candelabra or in a hanging lantern. The flame must always be at least one metre from the structure.

Our venue has public access, does this matter?

No not at all. This will all be assessed at the site assessment and if this is the case, we will strongly advise you have someone present with the Tipis at all times (including overnight) to act as a deterrent to passers-by. We may also insist that you take out separate insurance for the Tipis and associated equipment.

Our venue doesn't have power. What do we do about this?

Don’t worry, not many sites in the middle of a field have access to power! You’ll need to hire a generator in which we can take care of, via our associated company, Outdoor Event Equipment Hire (OEEH).

Can we have the Tipis on uneven or sloping ground?

The Tipis are best placed on level ground, however, we can erect them on uneven or sloping ground if you so wish. It is worth noting that furniture and dance floors work best on level ground, so picking a venue with this in mind is highly recommended.


Can we raise or lower the sides of the Tipis ourselves?

Unfortunately we do not allow anyone to adjust the sides of the Tipis. We have to be sure the Tipis are safe and secure for the duration of the hire period.


What about insurance and what happens if the Tipis get damaged?

Although it is incredibly unlikely, you are responsible for any damage to the Tipis for the duration of the hire period. You can, however, opt to take out our damage waiver (3% of the rental cost) which would remove this liability. If you decide not to take our damage waiver, we require proof you have taken out your own event insurance and this cover must be adequate. For more information on our damage waiver and what it covers, contact us today.


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When you’re preparing for a wedding, things get stressful and plans change – thankfully, Tentario were always able to ease any worries we had

If you’re thinking about choosing Tentario for your Tipis, you’d be mad not to. What truly sets the Tentario team apart is their excellent customer service. When you’re preparing for a wedding, things get stressful and plans change – thankfully, Tentario were always able to ease any worries we had. From their lightning-quick email responses to their flexibility when it came to putting up the Tipis – they were simply wonderful. The guys did a tremendous job of getting the Tipis up and taking them down, they hooked us up with some other very helpful suppliers and were professional and friendly throughout. Finally – the Tipis looked absolutely stunning – we expected that but we hadn’t anticipated just how brilliant the Tentario team would be.

– Claire & Miles – Wedding in Slaugham, West Sussex

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