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Tipi or not Tipi?

For those of you who love Tipis (is this not everyone?) but are struggling to decide between an indoor or an outdoor  venue, then read on……

Here are ten reasons why you should opt for the outdoors and why a Tipi makes the perfect outdoor wedding or event venue.

1. The wow factor!! We can guarantee that the majority of your guests will have never seen a Tipi like this before and would never have imagined you could host such an event inside one.

2. You can have the Tipis pretty much wherever you choose. As long as you have a space that’s big enough, we can do it. You could choose to have them in your own back garden, in a private field or at a recognised venue. Take a look at some of the venues we work with for some inspiration.

3. Have it all your way! You have the freedom to have exactly what you want. Be it a tea party menu to a more formal dinner – you don’t have to conform to anything!  The Tipis can be combined together, enabling you to create the perfect sized area for exactly how you’d like your wedding or event.

4. The Tipis are the perfect venue for a summer wedding. You’re really getting the best of both worlds too. You have the security of being indoors in case of any showers, but you’re still getting the ambience and beauty of being outside. You can have as many or as little of the sides of the Tipis lifted as you like to admire panoramic views or simply just for effect. This means you never lose the outdoor element.

5. Don’t be put off by a winter Tipi wedding or event. With the sides closed down, heaters and a central open fireplace, you can create a unique, cosy and intimate environment like no other.

6. The Tipis are set up in advance so you have time to decorate, have a rehearsal dinner party, or do whatever you please!  You can even stay up all night on the night of the wedding in the Tipis with your guests at the end of it all.

7. For those seeking a rustic feel, the Tipis on their own create a very natural, unique vibe and look magical with just a few fairy lights as decoration. The Tipis are made in Sweden and their wooden poles and beige canvasses fit in perfectly with outdoor surroundings.

8. You also have the freedom to put your own stamp on them. They allow so much creativity. Unlike many indoor venues, a Tipi truly is a blank canvas. You can really transform it in any way to fit in with the style of your wedding.  In terms of decoration and finishing touches, your imagination really is the limit, with fairy lights, bunting, lanterns, there are just so many ways to reflect your personalities.

9. Find a venue where your guests can camp and you don’t have to worry about any designated drivers. You can stock your own bar and call last orders at a time that suits you. Remember not everyone can afford an expensive hotel room, not to mention over-priced drinks.  Bell Tents are the perfect choice for glamping afterwards which fit in perfectly with the Tipis.

10. The party doesn’t have to stop at midnight. Unlike many hotels, there is no curfew so you and your guests can keep going until your dancing feet have had enough!

To learn more on how Tentario can help you plan your own Tipitastic event, contact us today.

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