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Now we’re well and truly into 2016, all of our brides and grooms getting married this year are no doubt thinking 1) wahoo! and 2) aaarrrgghhh! Or possibly the other way around 😉 With lots to think about when planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed (I know firsthand having had a few crazy episodes myself whilst planning my wedding last year – just ask my now husband!). But don’t panic, it will all come together and be awesome (repeat this mantra if it helps; it will all come together and be awesome, it will all come together and be awesome…). We’re going to be putting up a series of blog posts on various subjects which will (let’s hope) be of some use. Today’s hot topic is wedding invites…

1) to DIY or not to DIY?

If you’re the creative sort, have access to some sort of design software (or a willing friend) and fancy putting them together yourself, then GO FOR IT! It’s fun, you can save money and you’ll get a huge a amount of satisfaction having made your invites yourselves. If you don’t fancy the DIY route, there are some brilliantly creative suppliers out there with either readymade templates (check out Etsy as a starting point) or custom designed just for you. Wedding fairs are also a great source of fab local suppliers so it’s always worth going along and meeting suppliers face-to-face. Remember, invites (after a save the date if you’ve sent one) are one of the first things your guests see of your big day so try to capture your personalities and give your guests a feel for how the day is going to be!

2) What details should you include on the invites?

On the main invites, we would suggest keeping it simple so include both of your names (these can be your full names, first names or nick names. Remember – you make the rules! It’s your day after all!), timings, address details of both your ceremony and reception venues (if different). Don’t forget, if you’re having evening guests, you’ll need a different invite for them and of course won’t need to include details of the ceremony venue.

3) What else should I include with the invites?

If you’ve set up a website or email address and the idea is that guests can RSVP through that and that will be the platform you’ll use for supplying all of your additional information then as long as you include the details of your website or email address on your invite, that will cover everything. If you’re going down a more traditional route, you’ll need to include an RSVP card including any information you require from your guests (such as dietary requirements and menu choices), a self addressed RSVP envelope (with a stamp if you’re feeling generous!) and some “extra info” including taxi numbers, local hotels, whether people can camp, parking at your venue, a gift list (if you’re having one) and if you’ve decided to go down the “kiddie free wedding” route, perhaps an explanation that you’ve decided to give mum and dad a night off and a request that little ones are left at home.


Bell tents (or camping of any description) are an AWESOME way for you and your guests to spend the night after your Tipi wedding. It means people can go to bed as and when they please and you can all have a breakfast together the following morning. If this sounds up your street, speak to a bell tent company (we recommend Beautiful Bells) before you finalise your invites and include information about how to book on your invite.


It’s worth pointing out to your guests that you’re having an outdoor wedding (which is more than likely in the middle of a field!) so it might be a good idea for the ladies to bring some flip-flops for when their feet tire and if the weather isn’t looking too great, to pack some wellies and a warm layer for the evening – just in case!

6) Top tip for labels

When preparing address labels for invites, use a label template from word and grab some sticky labels from your local stationery shop. You can use a jazzy font and it will save your hand from aching (as well as ensuring names and addresses are legible!). Be sure to print out two copies of the labels and save one for your thank you cards – this will save you going through the whole process again post-wedding. Seriously, you WILL thank us for this! You can also print out labels for your return address for the RSVP envelopes – again, a MAJOR time saver 🙂

7) You’re ready to go!

Send those bad boys out and have fun getting your RSVPs back in!

8) Finally, ENJOY!

As with all aspects of wedding planning, it’s meant to be fun so don’t stress out about things. It’s a day of love and celebration with your friends and family  and remember… it will all come together and be awesome, it will all come together and be awesome…

To find out more on how Tentario can help you plan your own Tipitastic wedding, contact us today.

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