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Getting from A to B will be a necessity, but why not do it with some panache! Arriving at your Tipi wedding reception in style helps to set the tone of your day. Like all other things wedding related, the wedding transport options out there seem infinite. As a result, we at Tentario, have put together a list of some of our favourites that tie in perfectly with a Tipi wedding and will hopefully make it easier for you to find something that you love. We’ve also highlighted some key considerations that you should bear in mind when looking into your wedding transport as part of your outdoor wedding planning. Whilst you may be looking for it to coincide with a particular wedding theme or style, above all it needs to be realistic and practical.

VW Campervans

Perfect for a festival themed Tipi wedding, the iconic VW campervan has proven extremely popular over the past few years and certainly seems to be the go-to vehicle of the moment. They’re cute, colourful, great value for money and very roomy inside – ideal if you have a big dress or a large wedding party.

Vintage Buses

If you have a lot of guests to transport, or you simply want all of your guests to join you and arrive at your wedding reception venue at the same time, then a bus is definitely for you. This certainly makes a statement and your guests will love it! Why not look into an old Routemaster bus for a real wow factor! The only word of warning – remember that a bus may not be able to get to places that other vehicles might, due to its size. Think whether or not a bus is a practical option in terms of access at your Tipi wedding venue.

Retro/Classic Cars

Taking a car to a wedding or wedding reception is undoubtedly the most traditional form of wedding transport. But, instead of having a luxury hire car or traditional vintage type, why not mix it up and go for something a little more retro like an old VW beetle or Fiat 500. You could even look into hiring an old movie car!

Tractors and Trailers

Our personal favourite, as this goes hand in hand with a rustic Tipi wedding, especially if your Tipi venue is on a farm or in a field location. Why not don the wellies, jump on board a big tractor and arrive in true statement style!

Other Things To Consider

  • Size Does Matter – before choosing your mode of transport, make sure you know exactly how many people you’re transporting. Sounds obvious, right?! This will determine the size and how many cars (for example) you may need.

  • Protection From The Elements – ask the wedding transport companies if they provide any blankets or umbrellas in case of any unpleasant weather, if relevant to your chosen mode of transport. You certainly don’t want to be arriving with crazy hair and make-up running!

  • Colour Scheme – Most companies will offer some sort of decorative items (ribbons, unique interiors etc), so be sure to ask them to match a colour scheme if you have one.

  • Can You Drive Yourself? – some companies may even allow you to drive the vehicle yourself. What could be better than arriving at your Tipi wedding reception venue, just the two of you, to a warm welcome.

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