Top 10 things to consider, when scouting for Tipi wedding venues

Tipis make for a stunning alternative wedding venue. Not only do they give you a practical, versatile space for your big day, they also enable you to get closer to nature and select a truly stunning and unique location for your wedding.

However, a stunning location is only as good as the practicality it provides – and when it comes to your Tipi wedding, you need to consider those practical elements too. Here’s our list of the top ten things you need to consider, when scouting for the Tipi wedding venue of your dreams.

#1: Tipi weddings ideally need relatively level ground

However, we do appreciate there aren’t many places that do! As most locations are fields and large gardens, if it’s a little uneven or has a bit of a slope, we can accommodate this. If in doubt, give us a call before you rule out what would otherwise be a perfect location!

#2: Is it big enough to hold everything you want?

Toilets, caterers/food trucks and generators can always be positioned on the driveway of a house. However, when it comes to the main area, what’s important is that you check you have room for the Tipi and any other space you may want – for chillout areas and any additional facilities, for example.

#3: Adequate access

Quite often we’re not able to drive right onto a site, as it may not have rear access or isn’t large enough for us to drive through. That isn’t a major concern, as we would carry all the equipment through and set up for you. However, if you want toilets and food trucks, you will need adequate access to the location itself or a suitable driveway or hardstanding area.

#4: Power considerations

Purpose build locations can have power and/or cables available, however a large proportion of venues don’t have direct power, so you’ll need to find a suitable solution. We’d recommend simply hiring a generator from Outdoor Event Equipment Hire (

#5: Alcohol considerations

If you’re supplying free alcohol, this isn’t a problem. However, if you’re looking to charge for alcohol, you’ll need a license. A simple way around this is to hire in a caterer or separate bar company – as they’ll have their own license!

#6: Music legalities

Whatever venue you’re using, you’ll need to check what time their music cut-off time is, along with any other music restrictions they may have. If you’re having a Tipi wedding in a private garden or a friends’ field etc, we’d suggest prewarning the neighbours (or inviting them!) – so they know you’re taking them into consideration, as many will put up with the music noise levels, if they know a) it’s a one-off event and b) what time it’s going to stop.

#7: Is there somewhere for guests your guests to park?

Whether you’re holding your Tipi wedding in a private garden or in a remote location, parking requirements need to be considered. Is there somewhere for guests to park? How safe is the location? If they’re not parking near the site, do they know how to get to the location?

#8: How accessible is guest accommodation

Not all guests will want to go home after the event. Guest accommodation options can include local B&B’s, hotels or a nearby travel lodge. How about keeping the outdoor theme going and either having space available for guests to pitch up a tent or pre-empt this requirement and hire additional sleeping tents!

#9: Does the location have public access?

If there is public access to your site and we think that the tents are vulnerable, we ask that someone from the wedding party camp with the Tipis. Not only does this help protect our tents – it also helps protect your guests too, as you never know who’s going to wander through! Alternatively, we can recommend a security firm, if you want to go down that route.

#10: Is the area safe?

Finally, how child and guest friendly is the area? Remote areas can provide a stunning setting, but they can also have safety implications too – especially for young children and drunk guests! If you’re worried about guests wandering off or falling into streams, have a designated person or two, to keep an eye on proceedings.

If you’ve got a question or query about your potential Tipi wedding location, why not get in touch? Our friendly team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to explain how Tentario can help make your Tipi wedding dreams a reality!

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