Top 10 tips for a well organised Tipi event

Anyone who’s planned an event will tell you, it takes a lot of work! When organising a Tipi event, it’s no different, although there are a few additional extra things you need to consider. But never fear, as we’re here – with our top 10 tips for a well organised Tipi event!

#1: Plan it in advance

Preparation is key, to a successful event, regardless of where it’s being held. Not only do you need to brainstorm general ideas, you need to pin down your budget and requirements too. So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get organised and to find the right suppliers, supplies and invite your guests.

#2: Make a list!

A checklist is an essential part of the planning process. It not only keeps track of where you’re at in the overall organisation, it also helps prevent anything slipping by the wayside.

#3: Pay attention to the detail

It’s the small things that typically wow your guests. Things such as creating your guests by name, having place cards and mementos for them. Put your thinking cap on and see what little details you can come up with.

#4: Light and heat

Both are essential, but they also help create the right atmosphere for your event. You need to check whether you have access to electricity or if you need a generator, as well as whether the Tipi will be supplied with either.

#5: Pest control is essential, for a Tipi event

This is a must-have, for any outdoor event. You can opt for Citronella candles or have packs of bug wipes on each table. There’s also things you can do, to prevent them in the first place, such as ensuring your Tipi isn’t near any standing water.

#6: Remember the music

Music is meant to enhance an event, not detract from it, so make sure you’re not setting your speakers up at full blast. Aim for about five hours’ worth of music and set up several speakers at eye level, around the Tipi, to help balance out the sound.

#7: Plan extra set-up time

An outdoor event has the additional issue of access. You need to factor in extra time for loading and unloading, as well as general set-up.

#8: Remember the essential extra!

The biggest essential that hasn’t already been mentioned is toilets! If you want a well organised event, you need to consider providing adequate sanitation for your guests. Depending on your chosen location and the number of guests you’re inviting, you may need to think about hiring a separate toilet block, rather than relying on what’s available.

#9: Food

No event is complete, without food! Your quests will expect something to eat, regardless of whether it’s a buffet style layout or a sit-down affair. Obviously, you get to choose, and a lot of this decision will be based on the type of event you’re holding, but your budget will also need to be factored in too.

#10: Give guests everything they need

Regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate event, mention it’s outside and in a Tipi – and your guests will have questions. It’s your job to give everyone the information needed, to ensure they’re prepared for the event. This includes the basic information on where it’s being held, where they can park etc. But as it’s outside, they’ll also have additional questions. For example, what’s the dress etiquette? Is there anywhere comfortable to sit? Will they be warm enough? Is it easily accessible?

By answering the most common questions your guests may have and following the above tips, you’ll be on your way to having a well organised Tipi event! If you’d like to hire a Tipi for your next event, why not get in touch – and see how we can help.

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