Top 10 tips for organising your tipi wedding

There’s so much to organising a tipi wedding. Initially, you need to find the perfect location for your tipi wedding (here’s a previous blog we’ve written on how to scout for the perfect tipi wedding venue). Now it’s time to focus on organising your actual wedding.

Here’s our top ten tips for organising your tipi wedding.

Tip #1: Start planning early

Weddings, no matter where you’re having them, always take longer to plan than you think. As soon as you know you’re getting married and have booked your Tipi, start planning everything else.

Tip #2: Book the florist, transport and photographer early

Depending on what time of year you’re planning on getting married, florists, wedding transport and photographers get booked up, months in advance. So, get in your preferred choices early.

Tip #3: Decide on your essential extras

When you’re having a tipi wedding there will always be a choice of extras that you may need. It pays to get these sorted early. This includes essentials such as generators, entertainment, lighting, fire pits and floor matting, right through to portable toilets, food trucks and beverage options.

Tip #4: Guest accommodation

This is something that, if you’re holding a wedding at a hotel, you wouldn’t need to worry about. However, as you’re planning on having a tipi wedding, it’s something you need to consider. Will you be using local B&B’s or hotels, or would you rather have a bell tent guest camp? Whatever your requirements, you’ll want to set plans in motion now.

Tip #5: Get in help

This doesn’t have to be professional help (although, if you have the budget, do it!), but a least one or two people you trust. Not only will this help ease your stress, it also eases your workload too, as you can pass jobs over.

Tip #6: Include the groom and his family

As the bride-to-be, you may well have been dreaming of your perfect wedding for years. This means you’ll have lots of ideas and dreams on how you want things to turn out – but you’re not the only one getting married. Include the groom and his family too, as they’ll also have preferences on how they want the day to be.

Tip #7: If you’re looking to make changes in your appearance, do it early

Many brides-to-be want to look healthy on their wedding day. For some, that may include getting a tan, changing their hairstyle and/or colour and possibly losing weight. But remember, these things take time to do and get right. So, start those healthy eating and exercise regimes now, if they’re on your hit list. Look to gradually get a tan over a period of time, rather than turning up a totally different colour on your wedding day, and grow your hair, if that’s what you want.

Tip #8: Don’t leave your guest list to the last minute

Knowing how many guests you’re going to have is important. Not only will it impact on seating arrangements and menus, it’ll also impact on your budget. So, get a firm indication of numbers now – and always cater for extra places, to cover those late RSVP’ers!

Tip #9: Allow yourself a time out

Organising a wedding is incredibly stressful. Not only is it full on, it’s a non-stop time of planning, deciding and implementing – so make sure you give yourself a time out, at least once during the process. If you can take regular breaks for yourself and others who are helping you, even better.

Tip #10: Citronella candles!

Our final tip for a tipi wedding – remember the citronella candles. Bugs can be a real nuisance at an outdoor wedding, so make sure you have citronella candles or lanterns dotted around inside and outside, to keep the bugs at bay.

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