Useful Questions To Ask Your Wedding Tipi Venue

To run alongside our “Useful Questions To Ask Your Wedding Tipi Supplier” blog post, we thought it a good idea to compile some questions to ask your Tipi venue too!

When on the hunt for a Tipi venue, you can easily get swept away with how the venue looks and its surrounding views (which of course are very important!) however, don’t forget to also have a think about the practical side of things as well. The last thing you want is a stunning venue which is restrictive on days of access, having music or even having to use a limited list of their preferred suppliers. Here are our top 9 questions to ask your venue when planning your Tipi wedding:

1) Will you have exclusive use of the venue?

Will there be any other events taking place at the same time as your wedding? Is there public access to the site and if so, is it likely that there’ll be any passers by having a peek on your wedding day? As a wedding is such a beautiful, happy occasion, the general public tend to love having a look and oooohing and aaaaahhing at the happy couple and their guests. If you like an audience, you might well be happy with this but if you had envisaged an intimate, private affair it’s best to check this from the start!

2) Do you have to use preferred suppliers?

One of the huge advantages of having a Tipi wedding is that you can express your individualities and create YOUR perfect day – having the suppliers that you want, eating the food you choose and putting your very own stamp on it. Some venues are a little more restrictive than others so if you’re looking for a blank canvas venue, we would recommend finding out whether you’ll be tied into using certain suppliers early on in your enquiries.

3) Is the venue licensed?

If you want to have your ceremony and Tipi wedding reception all in one place, check with the venue that they are licensed for civil ceremonies. Unfortunately there aren’t as many licensed Tipi wedding venues as you might think but we can always point you in the right direction of a few if you need some suggestions.  If the venue you’ve fallen in love with isn’t licensed, don’t panic – you can still have it all in one place by having a “humanist” ceremony performed by a celebrant and have the legal ceremony a few days before at a registry office or local licensed venue.

4) When will you have access to the site and when do you have to leave?

Be mindful that it will take your Tipi supplier at least one full day to set up and another full day to take down the Tipis so if you only have your venue from Friday – Sunday, this doesn’t offer you much time to prepare, decorate and dress the Tipis. The last thing you want is to be hanging decorations in the Tipis at midnight the night before your wedding (or worse still, on the morning of!). The perfect scenario is being able to access your venue from the Wednesday or Thursday before a Saturday wedding and having it until the end of Monday. This allows us time to set up your Tipis and also time for other suppliers; for example toilets, generators, chillers etc to be delivered in plenty of time too. It then gives you a full day on Friday to hang any decorations or add any personal touches to the Tipis that you may want. On the other side of it, it also allows you time the day after your wedding to clear up any post-wedding aftermath and remove any decorations etc. Or even perhaps carry on the celebrations with a few close family and friends by having a brunch or BBQ.

5) Can we do something at the venue / in the Tipis the day after the wedding?

Weddings tend to whiz by in a blur so why not consider doing something at the venue and in the Tipis the day after your wedding too? That way you get to see some of your guests for a second time and re-live the day before! If you’re going for the full festival styled wedding with glamping or camping, how about having a breakfast (think bacon and sausage sandwiches!)? That way, you can also rope people in to giving you a hand with any clearing up that might be needed! If you’ve decided against glamping, how about inviting your guests back for a bbq or picnic? Why not make another day of it if you can?!

6) Can you glamp / camp?

Having all your guests glamp in bell tents or bringing their own tents to camp in is another massive appeal of having a Tipi wedding. It means your guests don’t have to worry about taxis, can go to bed when they please and you will all wake up together the following morning! If this is how you envisage your Tipi wedding being – make sure you check with your venue that camping is a possibility from the outset.

7) What time does the music have to be turned off and what time do guests have to leave the site?

The majority of established venues will require music to be turned off anywhere between 11pm-12am but if you’re looking for somewhere that allows you to party until the wee hours this might not be suitable for you. Some venues require amplified music to be turned off at a certain time but will allow a small speaker or guitar etc to be played after this point. This could be perfect for those of you who are glamping or camping, keeping your guests entertained whilst sat around the campfire. If camping isn’t allowed, it is worth checking what time your guests will need to have left the site so you can tell your guests what time to book taxis etc.

8) Will there be someone from the venue on site / contactable on the day of your wedding and over the whole period of hire?

If you’re going down the festival wedding in a field route, this is unlikely to be an “on the day co-ordinator” but it’s worth knowing that someone from the venue can be reached / isn’t too far away if you need them.

9) What amenities (if any) are on site?

From a practical point of view, it’s worth finding out where you guests would park and how they would access the site. If it’s more of a rustic venue / farmer’s field then they may not have a car park / established access route which isn’t a problem but something for you to find out so you can get a better understanding of how your guests will get to the Tipis. Different venues can also offer different things – some may have toilets and/or power or even a kitchen on site. Again, if you’re in the middle of a field, these are unlikely to come with the venue so all of these items will need to be brought in. If this is the case, it’s no problem and this is where the majority of Tipi weddings usually take place – it’s what festival styled weddings are all about! We can supply a catering tent as well as organise a generator, luxury toilet unit, chiller trailer and/or a heater if necessary from Outdoor Event Equipment Hire ( on your behalf. That way, it saves you dealing with yet another supplier!

For questions to ask your Tipi Supplier – don’t forget to have a look at our previous blog post “Useful Questions to ask your Wedding Tipi Supplier”.

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