Want a birthday present with a difference – organise a festival in their honour!

I think it’s pretty accurate to say, we all have a friend or relative that is difficult to buy for. Whether they have everything they could possibly need, or are just plain awkward to buy for, it can be a pain, when their birthday comes around. What you need, is something that’s as unique as they are.

So, why not organise a festival in their honour?

A truly unique experience

Festivals aren’t just for the rich and famous – but they sure can make someone feel both rich and famous! When it comes to creating a personalised festival for your nearest and dearest, you’re only limited by your budget and creativity!

Everything can be personalised for your guest of honour. You could hire a Tipi and opt for tables and chairs or alternatively, have bales of straw and plenty of room for dancing. The catering can comprise of their favourite foods, regardless of whether you opt for a buffet, sit down or BBQ style option. Guest can all bring a specific food from your list with them or you could go all-in and hire caterers. Music can be a live band, playing your guest of honour’s favourite songs, or a stereo tucked in the corner.

The beauty of this type of event is the versatility it provides – just let your imagination go wild!

A personalised way to celebrate

You don’t have to wait for a specific birthday or a milestone event, to organise a festival of honour for someone. You can organise it simply because they’re great!

What makes it truly personalised is what you create.

Everything can be tailored to their preferences – from the food and drink, through to the entertainment, guests and décor.

Talking of décor, you could print off images of them at different ages. These can be put on pride of place around the Tipi, used as table centrepieces or even incorporated into any party games you can come up with (how about pin the moustache on them?!)

If you want to create a festival of honour for someone – get plans in place!

This isn’t about just organising the actual event – although you’ll need to find a way of ensuring they have the date and time booked in their calendar. There’s the all-important cover story to think off too!

This may include enlisting the help of other people who are going to be all the event, so make sure you all know what story you’re going to use. You’ll also want to ensure the guest of honour is dressed appropriately for the event, without sussing what’s going on – there’s nothing worse than getting dressed up in your finest evening attire, only to find you’re sat outside!

A festival in their honour is an unusual and incredibly thoughtful gift, one that will stay with them for years to come.

In fact, the only thing you’d have to worry about is how you’re going to top it, for their next birthday!

Want to organise a festival in someone’s honour? Why not take a look at how versatile our Tipis can be! Not only will you get a unique space to house your festival, you’ll also be able to set up in an exclusive location too! We even have a handy page giving you an overview of where to start – you can check that out here:

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