Wedding Favour Ideas For A Tipi Wedding

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, choosing a wedding favour isn’t as easy as it sounds. You face the dilemma of spending a fair bit of money on items (even 100 miniature jars of sweets adds up) vs spending your time (and anyone else you can rope into the task) hand crafting something that the majority of your guests will forget to take home. You’re then left with 70 odd miniature jars of sweets (great if you’ve got a sweet tooth!) or a similar number of the handmade candles you slaved over for hours as well as feeling a little bit miffed that everyone left your gifts behind. To avoid this scenario, we’ve compiled our list of our favourite favours that are perfect for your Tipi wedding.

1. Something drinkable!

Something consumable is a great idea because whilst you might get a few left over, chances are, if it can be devoured – it will be! For our Tipi wedding we prepared flavoured vodka shots in miniature bottles. Yes, there was a cost in buying the miniature glass bottles and vodka (and drumsticks, chewits and blackjacks!) but it was also great fun making the flavoured vodka (recipe here!) (–dishwasher.html). We incorporated the drinking of the shots into our speeches which also made the speeches a bit more interactive for our guests and was generally a good giggle! You can flavour the vodka with whatever sweets or chocolate you want – or alternatively, if you and your other half are keen on another drink – get creative and use whatever you want here! Mini gin and tonics, mini rum and cokes and so on. You can also put cute Alice in Wonderland “Drink Me” labels on the bottles which makes even more of a feature of them.

2. Something edible!

Again, another consumable, therefore, hopefully minimising waste. Just be mindful that if you’re already supplying a lot of food for your guests, they might not be overly hungry. Or if you’re not planning on supplying a lot of food, this could be a good way of giving them something else to eat! Think a S’mores kit (to be used on the fire within the Tipis!), some marshmallows (again for the fireplaces!), gingerbread man biscuits, fudge hearts, mini chocolates (perhaps instead of petit fours). Again, you could label these with an Alice in Wonderland style “Eat Me” label. Super cute.

3. A Hangover Survival Kit

It’s likely there might be a few sore heads the morning after (especially if you’ve gone with favour number 1 suggestion above!) so why not give your guests a helping hand with a paper bag containing a bottle of water, paracetamol and a Berocca. For more inspiration of what to include in your Hangover Kits – see our full blog post here.

4. Flip flops for the ladies

At an outdoor Tipi wedding heels might come off a wee bit earlier than they would at any other type of wedding so why not give each of the ladies a pair of flip flips as their favour. You could buy a selection of sizes from somewhere like Primark – perfect for any tired feet that don’t want to stop dancing!

8. A lottery scratch card

This is something that your guests will be able to do there and then, and you never know, you might get some winners! Hopefully whoever wins will give you a share of their prize too 🙂

 9. An Instagram coaster

This could double up as the name setting too. You could include pictures of each of your guests on the coasters and rather than people finding their names on the table, they could find their face! It then gives your guests something personal to them to take home.

10. A miniature succulent

We realise this is goes against our introductory paragraph to this blog post BUT succulents are gorgeous and if you paint your guests names on their individual pots, they could double up as their name setting as well as acting as table decorations too – triple purpose in fact! And if your guests do leave them behind, you get to take them home and fill your home with them. It’s a win-win situation 😉

Hopefully this list gives you some inspiration. If there’s any other wedding favours that you think work well for a Tipi wedding (or not so well for that matter too!), let us know and we can update our list 🙂

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