What are your wedding flowers trying to say?

Your wedding flowers are just one of the things you need to organise, when planning your wedding day. However, they’re an important part of your overall wedding too, so it’s important that your wedding flowers are chosen well.

But what is the best way to decide on what flowers to have?

For some, that may come down to their personal preferences or whatever is in bloom at that time of the year. For others, their overall wedding theme will be the deciding factor, especially when it comes to their chosen bouquet style, size and colouring. However, for the more traditional bride, flowers are chosen based on what they say about the happy couple and their love for each other.

Floriography and your wedding flowers

Flowers and the cryptic messages they’re sending us, has been studied for thousands of years. It realty took off in the Victorian era though, as they could use flowers to show emotions they couldn’t otherwise express in public. Armed with floral dictionaries, the secret message of any floral gifts was uncovered and replied to.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry quite so much about keeping our emotions in check, especially on our wedding day! However, we do tend to associate different colours and flower choices with specific events. For example, red roses are still traditionally handed out on Valentines Day, to signify our love and respect for someone. White flowers, on the other hand, especially lilies, roses and carnations are often used at funerals, to symbolise the deceased’s return to purity and innocence.

Common wedding day choices and their meanings

If you’re looking to use floriography to choose your wedding day flowers, here’s a list of the most common choices, along with a brief description of what they signify.

#1: Rose

The flower of love, the rose has long been a symbol of our devotion for our loved one. However, with so many different colours available, you need to be careful of your choice. White is innocence and a sign of new beginnings, whereas yellow is a sign of a more platonic relationship. The pink rose is for gentle emotions of joy, gratitude and admiration, whilst the orange rose is all about passion and energy.

#2: Tulip

The tulip is a declaration of love too. It’s often indicative of that perfect love/lover. The different colours signify what you love about the other person – yellow for their sunshine smile, a variegated one for their eyes.

#3: Peony

A great choice for a wedding. It’s about bashfulness, compassion, a happy life and marriage, with good health and prosperity.

#4: Lily of the Valley

These beautiful small flowers signify a sweetness and purity of heart.

#5: Calla Lily

Magnificence, innocence, purity and beauty – the perfect wedding flowers!

#6: Hydrangea

Gratitude, perseverance and heartfelt emotion, make the hydrangea a great wedding day choice.

#7: Gardenia

As these have no stem, you’ll need to attach it to wire for your bouquet or simply float it in water for a great table decoration that symbolises purity, joy, sweetness and secret love.

#8: Sweet Pea

These delicate little flowers show your bliss and pleasure in a situation – but can also be thanking the recipient for a good time and saying goodbye!

#9: Stephanotis

Happiness in marriage – a perfect wedding flowers choice!

#10: Ranunculus

These rose-like flowers are all about radiant charm and attractiveness.

#11: Anemone

Traditionally available in the spring, the Anemone signifies anticipation. The darker the colour though, could indicate a fading of that hope!

#12: Dahlia

Dignity and elegance are what this spectacular flower represents.

#13: Lilac

The lilac portrays innocence and confidence. White is for humility, purple signifies first love.

#14: Gerbera

The daisy is a great flower to indicate your loyalty. It’s all about innocence, loyalty and cheerfulness.

#15: Gypsophila

A popular wedding day choice, Gypsophila (commonly known as Baby’s Breath) can be added to a floral display, used to create a flower garland or added to a headdress. It signifies long-lasting love and a purity of emotions.


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