What makes a memorable event?

What makes a memorable event, is a dilemma most event hosts wonder, no matter what type of event they’re planning. We all want our guests to have a great time and, if they remember our event after it’s finished, is a key indicator that it was a memorable one. Here’s our thoughts on how you can create a memorable event!

An event that is well organised

If an event has been organised well, it will show. An event needs to run smoothly. The idea is for you and your guests to enjoy themselves, without having to understand why it was so effortless and fun to be a part of. Your guests arrive with an expectation as to how your event is going to be – it’s your job to fulfil that expectation.

This comes down to being organised at the planning stage. Knowing you’ve chosen the right venue, theme, music and general entertainment are part of what makes an event memorable, as are the types of food and drink you offer (and how this is distributed). It pays to give yourself as much time as possible to organise your event, to ensure you have everything covered.

A memorable event has a great atmosphere

A great atmosphere is something that is a result of all your hard work during the planning stage. It’s then about the little things that make a huge different – such as greeting your guests, ensuring you mingle and interact with everyone, whilst checking they have enough food and drink etc.

Lighting and music play a big part in creating a great atmosphere, helping to make your event memorable. The lighting and music both need to reflect the mood you want to create – with colour and intensity of light, along with the type and loudness of music playing a part. If you want to create a party atmosphere, opt for strobe or colour change lighting and hang a mirror ball above the dance floor. Ensure your DJ plays the latest tunes, along with dance friendly favourites. Want to create a relaxing evening vibe? Opt for candles or strings of fairy lights, whilst the music is subtle background music, such as jazz, classical or old romantics.

To make a memorable event, give your guests something to do!

Depending on the event, I’m sure the main aim of the game is to let your guests have fun. For most events (such as weddings and parties), it’s self-explanatory – you want them to eat, drink, dance and have a good time! But what about those who don’t want to dance? What about those who are unable to join in, or those introverts who need a little quiet time out? This is where additional entertainment comes into play.

There are some great outside games you can provide, to give that little extra for your guests (check out our previous article here, if you want to know more). You can hire entertainers, such as jugglers, magicians, balloon modellers and even fire breathers, to create that extra wow factor at your event. Another option is to have a chill-out tent or room, for those who value a bit of a timeout. How about providing a photo booth or area, where you provide wigs, accessories and props, for fun selfies and keepsake photos? You want the entertainment to enhance your overall theme, rather than detract from it – so get your thinking cap on and see what you can come up with to make your event memorable!

The people who attend your event

Ultimately, what truly makes an event memorable for everyone involved are the people invited. When you’re creating your guest list, ensure you have a selection of guests, in terms of age range, personality and opinions. It’s important that you invite people who are going to get along with each other and not create any unnecessary animosity or cause a scene – people who are going to want to be at the event and enjoy themselves whilst they’re there.

What makes a memorable event is a combination of things. By following the tips above, you’ll not only ensure your event is enjoyed by all who attend, it’ll also be talked about long after the last guest has gone home, too!

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