Why a tipi wedding package is a great choice for your wedding

Let’s face it, weddings aren’t cheap and a tipi wedding is no exception! Regardless of whether you’re going low or key, following a careful budget or completely blowing the lid off a budget, there’s a cost involved. However, with the help of a tipi wedding package, you can get the wedding of your dreams AND make it within your budget!

A tipi wedding package is great for those on a budget

The hiring of a venue can be one of the biggest single expenses on your wedding budget. It therefore makes sense to get as much as you can for that one price. This is where wedding packages come in. Not only do they include the cost of the venue but, depending on the package you choose, they also include essential extras, such as tables and table linen. This may not sound like much, but if you start looking into the cost of hiring chair and table covers, it soon adds up!

If you take a look at our tipi wedding packages, you’ll see they cover not only the basic essentials, but also those outdoor wedding necessities that are easily forgotten too. Toilet units and generators aren’t something a bride-to-be normally has to worry about – and we’d like it to make sure it stays that way, by including them in our packages!

Our tipi wedding packages are great for those on a budget, as they cover all of the essentials and you know it’s only one price you have to account for in your budget. There’s also different prices to suit different group sizes. This not only ensures you’re getting the right size of space for your wedding, but also helps keep overheads down too.

Less to coordinate and organise before the wedding

Planning your wedding invariably involves dealing with multiple suppliers, so it pays to save yourself time and money, by opting for a wedding package.

If you opt for a package that has everything included, you’re cutting down on a lot of homework and organisation. As packages include everything you need, along with some nice additional extras – such as fairy lighting, mirror ball, dance floor, bar area, flooring, tables (and table linen) and chairs – you don’t have to run around finding separate suppliers and hunting for the best prices.

Additional support on the wedding day

Another bonus of a tipi wedding package is you get the assistance of an on the day wedding coordinator.

Our chosen wedding day coordinator is Nicky, from Nicola Austin Weddings and Events. An initial meeting to discuss your plans is included, where you can discuss how you want the day to run. This is followed by a site visit the day before your wedding and 10 hours or on the day coordination. Nicky will liaise with all suppliers and be your main point of contact on the day – so you can focus on enjoying your wedding day.

The last thing you want to be doing after one of the greatest days of your life, is attempting to take down a tipi whilst nursing a hangover! Not only are they difficult to put up and take down, they’re also expensive to replace, should you damage them – and having to claim on your insurance is a headache you don’t want or need. That’s why we include delivery, collection and installation of our tipis.

We believe a tipi wedding package is not only a great way to cover the essentials, it’s also a financially sound decision for the more budget-conscious wedding couple too. Why not take a look at our available packages and let us know which one you prefer?

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