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Will bad weather ruin your Tipi wedding, now the big day is here?

The idea of bad weather on your wedding day can be a bride’s worst nightmare. However, bad weather doesn’t have to negatively impact on your carefully planned Tipi wedding day. With some quick and simple changes, you can ensure your Tipi wedding stays as perfect as you originally planned – regardless of the weather.

Have a brolly stand

Get creative with a brolly stand. You could opt for a wooden crate, large vase or even a plastic storage container. Not only is it a good idea to have some umbrellas on standby for guests to use, it’s also a useful to have somewhere for wet umbrellas to be stored. We know some brides who have even pre-ordered colour coordinated umbrellas for their big day. However, if you’re in need of umbrellas for your wedding, we can recommend a few suppliers who you can hire these from.

Keep your guests warm

It’s always a good idea to have some cuddle blankets stashed around the Tipi. Not only are they great for snuggling up with someone, they’re also useful to have, regardless of the weather. Both older and younger generations can feel the cold, and would therefore appreciate having a blanket on hand. We supply 10 tartan blankets with the hire of our “relaxed lounge” (which also comes with 20 cubed bean bags and 4 low, wooden tables). Alternatively, we can recommend suppliers who hire out blankets (this saves you buying blankets in bulk and ending up with too many than you know what to do with, after your big day!).

Also, having a firepit in your wedding Tipi will ensure all guests are warm and cosy – and they look so inviting too!

Embrace the rain in your wedding photos

Wellies and umbrellas can help create some great quirky and fun wedding day photos. Water on the ground can also create some stunning reflection-based images. Not to mention how bright and shiny gardens and scenery can look, in the aftermath of a rainy period!

Once inside, the weather doesn’t matter!

It’s important to remember, once your guests are inside the Tipi, they’re going to be dry. Even with the sides of the Tipis raised, rain water runs straight off and won’t come inside and in colder months, we can ensure the Tipi sides are closed down, keeping you all cosy inside. The sound of rain against canvas can also be incredibly beautiful – especially if you’re all snug and warm inside. Our Tipi tents all come with woven matted flooring and a wooden dance floor – ensuring your party can continue without a hitch during any bad weather.

What if your wedding day is not yet here?

If however, your wedding is not yet here, make sure you have a plan for bad weather in advance. This includes ensuring you have the correct flooring in place and asking for the Tipi sides to be closed down, if the weather is being temperamental on the build up to your wedding day.

It’s also a good idea to remind your guests to pack wellies and a brolly, if you’re having an out-of-season wedding or the weather forecast is looking dodgy. Umbrellas can always double as parasols on a sunny day, whilst wellies can always be filled with ice cubes, if you want to keep your bottled drinks cold!

If you’re looking to hire a Tipi wedding for your big day, why not check out our all-inclusive packages? They include all of the essentials, including flooring and a fire pit, whilst some also include an extra lounge area – perfect for storing wellies and umbrellas! You’ll find details of them here: https://www.tentario.co.uk/tipi-packages

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